Man of Steel 2 Fan Trailer (2018) Henry Cavill Ben Affleck [HD]

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Man of Steel 2 Fan Trailer (2018) Henry Cavill Ben Affleck [HD]

Henry Cavill is a pretty great Superman and that being said I think the sequel to the original “Man of Steel”, which I thoroughly enjoyed mostly, will have a successful sequel. I have some things to sort out so I listed the characters for this trailer below for this cast too, enjoy!

Henry Cavill – Superman/Clark Kent
Ben Affleck – Batman/Bruce Wayne
Jesse Eisenberg – Lex Luthor
Bryan Cranston – Head of Police (Metropolis)
Idris Elba – Metallo Creator (Puppet Master)
Sam Worthington – Metallo
Amy Adams – Lois Lane
Jeremy Irons – Alfred

Massive Thanks to Alex Luthor, Solyentbrak and Shadow Rabbit!

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Massive Thanks to Shadow Rabbit for awesome DC Films Intro(s), and Alex Luthor and some others for a few clips!

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